Why Give to ECB?

Why Give?

  • Evergreen City Ballet is committed to offering the finest dance education for all ages.
  • Our outreach program Dance ALIVE! has served more than 27,000 children who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to experience dance.
  • Evergreen City Ballet is devoted to educating our growing and diverse audiences throughout the region. Thanks to our donors we’re able to keep ticket prices affordable for the whole family.
  • Donations also enable us to keep tuition reasonably priced to allow all families to participate in a dance education.
  • Evergreen City Ballet gives approximately $15,000 annually in Financial Aid to eligible families.
  • We are committed to engaging our young audiences in the art of dance by introducing them to theatre with our one hour programs such as “The Nutcracker”, “Fancy Nancy” and “Peter and the Wolf”.

To offer some context:

  • $35 will provide ballet slippers and $50 will buy tights and a leotard for a scholarship student
  • $80 means pointe shoes for a Flower in Nutcracker
  • $150 translates to two bags of stage snow making magic for this year’s Snow Scene
  • $500 will pay for one month of classes in our Performance Division and up to five months for our level one class for a scholarship student
  • $950 will sponsor Dance ALIVE! for an entire elementary school, which means giving an average of over 400 kids an introduction to ballet and creative movement. It’s also a great opportunity to have you or your businesses’ name listed on our publications and website as a Sponsor!

We believe…

  • Anyone with a passion for dance should have the opportunity to dance.
  • The arts open your heart and mind to limitless possibilities.
  • Art can change expectations, perceptions and ultimately change the world. Supporting the arts is essential to enriching the community and the lives of our families.
  • Dance provides a unique power to engage and motivate our students to achieve excellence in whatever they choose to do.

Donors help make these beliefs a reality for aspiring artists, please consider donating today. Use the “Donate Now” button at the bottom of each page, all donations are tax deductible!