Evergreen City Ballet Presents: Coppélia

Our performances of Coppélia have concluded for this season. Thank you for your support of Evergreen City Ballet.


Coppélia is a family friendly light-hearted comedic ballet complete with mistaken identities, a little magic, and a doll that springs to life! Join Evergreen City Ballet for the premiere of Coppélia and see why it remains a jubilant and engaging classic for the whole family.

Enjoy watching Artistic/Executive Director, Kevin Kaiser perform as Dr. Coppelius!

The Story of Coppélia

Act I

Dr. Coppélius, a mysterious old toy maker, has just created a life-size doll named Coppélia. Swanilda, a young girl of the village, sees Coppélia and runs over to make friends. She does not realize that this pretty creature is just a doll. Swanilda’s sweetheart, Franz, enters and upon seeing Coppélia, begins to flirt and show off. Swanilda catches Franz flirting and accuses him of being unfaithful to her. The quarreling lovers are interrupted by villagers who have gathered in the square. The Mayor enters to announce a festival in honor of a new bell for the town’s hall tower. He promises to award a dowry to all couples who will marry during the festival.

As evening approaches, Dr. Coppélius leaves his house and unknowingly drops his key. It is later found by Swanilda and her friends, who decide to investigate the mysteries of Dr. Coppélius’ workshop and Swanilda’s rival Coppélia.

Act II

Swanilda and her friends tiptoe into Dr. Coppélius’ gloomy workshop where they find Coppélia. Accidentally, the girls set one of the dolls in motion. Their merriment is interrupted when Dr. Coppélius rushes in, infuriated by their intrusion. The girls all flee except Swanilda, who mischievously decides to change places with Coppélia. Franz enters the workshop, hoping to find his beloved Coppélia and is caught by the old man. Franz explains that he is in love with Coppélia. Dr. Coppélius pretends not to be angry and offers Franz a secret drink that makes him fall asleep. While Franz is sleeping, Dr. Coppélius rushes to his book of magic to find a formula that will bring Coppélia to life. As Swanilda is pretending to be Coppélia, the experiment seems to work. When she tires of the game, Swanilda upsets the whole workshop. Franz awakens and together they joyfully flee leaving the toy maker to discover what has really happened.


The festival has begun and all those who are to marry receive their dowries. Dr. Coppélius arrives and demands payment for the damage Swanilda caused in his workshop. Swanilda offers him her dowry, but the Mayor intervenes and gives Dr. Coppélius another bag of gold so that all may be happy. The whole village joins in the dancing to celebrate the marriage of Swanilda and Franz.

Run time is just over 2 hours including 2 intermissions.

The Theatre at Meydenbauer Center
Downtown Bellevue

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Meydenbauer Center
11100 NE 6th Street
Bellevue, WA 98004

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