Open Classes

This program offers flexibility to children, teens, and adults with previous dance training. We recognize there are students that do not wish to or are unable to fulfill the requirements of the academic program. The Open Program allows students to choose classes to fit their particular dance and fitness goals.

Students placing in Level IV through PD may take any of the classes for that level as an Open student. This works well for the student looking to add an additional day or particular class to their schedule.

Open classes are paid for in the office prior to the class taken or through PayPal. A complete list of classes and prices can be found on our Class Schedule Page.

There are no performance opportunities for these classes.

Adult Ballet

This is a ballet class designed for adults or teenagers new to ballet or with previous dance experience. Come join our fun and inclusive group of adult dancers! Try something new or re-discover an old passion.
Ages 14+

Open Jazz Class

Our open Jazz class will focus on the strength of the dancers’ ballet technique and integrate this with the Jazz technique.  This class will develop a versatile dancer and help the ballet technician transcend the boundaries of ballet and incorporate the broader styles of dance into their training.
Ages: 12+

Pointe Class

Students may take any of the pointe classes following a technique class they have taken as an Open student.

Beginning Pointe

Students should be taking three technique classes per week to take this class. Beginning pointe is a half hour class following the Level IV technique class once a week. Class begins with Theraband exercise for the feet to help build the strength and articulation necessary for pointe work. The rest of the class is spent at the barre in slippers focusing on the exercises that will eventually be done in pointe shoes. Emphasis is on proper alignment, straight knees and engaged core work in simple relevés, Échappé, balances and bourrées.    Students are advanced to pointe shoes on an individual basis by permission of the teacher. Ages: 10+

Intermediate Pointe

Intermediate pointe is a 45 minute class following the Level V technique class twice a week. Students are fully on pointe now and begin their class at the barre with continued focus on the strengthening exercises of basic pointe work. They are strong enough now to add modified center work building on the steps introduced at the barre.

Advanced Pointe

Advanced pointe is an hour long class offered twice a week. These classes continue to build on the fundamentals of pointe work adding increased complexity in combinations and tempi. Time is split between barre work and center. Technique continues to be refined preparing dancers for the challenges of performing.

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