Performance Division

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Evergreen City Ballet’s Performance Division is open to advanced students by invitation. At this level dancers are participating in five technique classes a week with additional classes in Pointe, Modern, Theater Dance/Jazz and Stretching. Classes continue to focus on refining technique and building stamina through more complex and challenging combinations.   Students are guided towards further developing the musicality and artistry required as performing artists.

After classes students rehearse for upcoming productions with Evergreen City Ballet. PD students have over twenty performing opportunities a year. Rehearsals and performances are an important part of the student’s dance education providing valuable lessons in team work, time management, self-discipline and commitment. PD’s also act as role models in the classroom, on stage and in the community as the younger students look to them for inspiration. Many students blossom through the performing experience as they gain self-confidence and pride in a job well done.

Students enjoy the chance to perform timeless classic ballets such as The Nutcracker and Cinderella as well as the opportunity to work with exciting choreographers from the Pacific Northwest. They also have the chance to try their hand at choreographing, rehearsing, costuming and lighting in the opening program each year Elevate.  

The curriculum, rehearsals and performing opportunities at Evergreen City Ballet provide the student with excellent training for both the rigors of working in a professional company trainee program or the pursuit of a college dance program.

Students are required to attend Jazz, Contemporary, and Mat Conditioning.

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